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Recent Work

Recent work
Breathe in knowing we are made of all this. Oil on canvas. 12 x 56 triptych

Great painting can provide the sense of another world so engulfing you feel like you're in it...

(Image: Breathe in knowing we are made of all this, 12 x 56" oil on panel triptych  - work in process)

Upcoming Events



Costa do Castelo 63, 1100-335, Lisbon, Portugal

Opening reception April 2, 2016, 5 pm

A group show featuring two paintings from the Non-ordinary Reality painting series.




From the Blog


Averse Attractions: Why we can't look away


I’ve learned a few things in the time I’ve been holding my studio open especially during my tenure with First Thursday Art Walk.

- See more at: http://katevrijmoet.com/blog/how-talk-your-studio-visitors-advice-trenches/#sthash.BPGVfXjA.dpuf