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Art Kudos 2013 Letter of Acceptance

Jul 27, 2013

Lot's going on right now, but today I got this letter of acceptance from Art Kudos.

Dear Artist,

On behalf of Artshow.com, I want to thank you for responding to our call to
artists and submitting images of your work for consideration for the 2013
Art Kudos International Competition. Your participation is very much
appreciated as it helps to ensure a diverse body of work from which
selections can be made.

I am pleased to inform you that one or more of your works was ACCEPTED for
inclusion in the 2013 online exhibition. Narrowing selections from the
incredible variety and quality of entries proved to be a daunting task.
Originality and artistic quality were the main, but not the sole criteria,
used to select the final works for the exhibition. Other factors, such as
the clarity of the images provided and their ability to be viewed online,
also contributed to our decision. Moreover, we tried to include a variety
of media, subjects, and artistic styles. This year, out of 335 artists, a
total of 155 were chosen for the exhibition.

Countries that will be represented in the show include: Australia, Canada,
China, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan, Russia,
Spain, Taiwan, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, USA.

Please visit www.artkudos.com on August 15th to find out which works were
chosen and to see which finalists have been selected as award winners. This
year's award selections will be made by Kara Rooney, Associate Art Editor
for The Brooklyn Rail and a faculty member at the School of Visual Arts, New
York, NY.

Thank you again for allowing us to consider your work for the exhibition. We
wish you continuing success in your artistic endeavors.

Robert Anderson

I've participated in previous years as well. I very much like this venue because they have excellent jurors, and I don't have to pay to ship my work or arrange to drive it and pick it up somewhere. I like to see all the work they display. I like that they keep it a mystery which piece or pieces they've selected, and its smart because the participants cannot preempt their announcement.

The thumbnail image is one of my entries. It's "Last night I dreamt again of thrashing and you on the far shore." Oil on Canvas, 45 x 54"

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