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Artist Statement

Feb 15, 2017

Artist Statement

I'm reworking my artist statement after a workshop I took. How does this work for you? Does it make my work clear?

Kate Vrijmoet

I am a figurative artist working primarily in paint, but also in social sculpture. I use the tools of classical painting painting to create high-impact experiences for my audience—experiences that have a lot in common with theatre. My work deals with themes of privilege, access, consciousness, and scale. People know me best for both my water and my accident paintings.

The social sculpture I create is a real-time exchange between people in order to heighten consciousness with themselves and others. My role is to facilitate deep connections among us through art.

Through my work I am engaged in a highly energetic conversation with my audience and reflect that in the way I capture my subjects, by deconstructing the figure, and finding rhythm in form.


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blog comments powered by Disqus