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On being human and the Highline Exhibit

Oct 30, 2014

Thank you Highline College. It's been a wonderful experience exhibiting with you in your facility.

Here are some highlights from the exhibit:


"I really think that this was easily the best exhibit I’ve seen in the building 25 gallery space. 

An interesting and relevant concept with a nice mix of styles and really strong artwork.  And that awesome title.  I love the title!

Props to you and everyone who made it happen; nicely done!" -Gary



"Nice video.  It was a fun month and I really appreciated the artists you brought here.  Wonderful way to highlight abilities and gifts that people with disabilities have too.  Thanks, Gloria"



"By far the strongest show we had in this gallery. Thanks to the people who made it happen. Great work!"


"As a person dealing with depression, this exhibit is beautiful. I've never been to
an exhibit and looking at all this really made my love of art grow."


"I'm speechless. Awesome exhibition, thank you so much!"


"Fabulous show. Thanks for the art and the information and stories.
Contact me. I work with artists with disabilites and curate an annual show-"


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blog comments powered by Disqus