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Jul 10, 2011


I came across a recording of a speaker event for the NFL rookies that was also billed as great business advice. I can see it’s also great advice for advancing an art career. We all make mistakes, but do these things as consistently as you can and you’ll be way ahead of the game. Here are the bullet points and the video links from the terrific Herm Edwards talk.


The only thing you can control is you, you be ready to go. When this thing comes to fruition, and it will, if you’re not ready to go, that’s on you, don’t blame anyone else.

You’re playing with pro’s, you might have more talent but they have more experience and it’s your job It’s your job

Its not your right, don’t think because you’re talented you’re talented it’s your right. It’s your privilege.

Sometimes talent can be a curse. You’ve got so much talent you can’t live up to it. Does the production meet the talent. If you’re not a productive (.....) Then it becomes a curse. Use your talent, it’s a gift. Don’t waste your talent

Expectations. Goals. If you don’t have plans, its a wish. It’s like falling asleep at night and dreaming. What’s your plan. At the end nobody’s going to do it for you. Start formulating the plan. You can have all the goals you want but if you don’t have a plan how to get there you’re just wishing.

Priorities. You’re habits create who you are. If you’re not willing to change your habits, you’re not changing. What are you’re priorities in life. Write it down.

Reputation: 12 o’clock rule

Rule of one, one of everything. you get one partner.


Not a hobby. 

Be available.

Be on time. How can you be late to your job? You should never be late. Then people don’t trust you.

Know your role, do your job.

Be a good listener. Focus. How do you process information. The faster you can process information, the faster you can use your talent.

Learn the why. Then you understand the philosophy of what you’re trying to do.

Commitment. Are you committed to your profession? Starts with a struggle. Hard to commit. Are you committed to being the best you can be?

Distractions. Press, sex and flirtation. Wealth and fame attracts many friends

Make sure you choose your friends, don’t let them choose you.

Enthusiasm. Don’t lose it. Enjoy it. Be excited because that’s what you can bring everyday. You’ve really got to like it.

Be accountable. You’ve got to earn the trust of who you work with. You’ll have more talent than the others, but you make too many errors, so they can’t trust you. Earn trust. Very important.



What you do with your legacy will start with the first day
A pro:

  • Always early
  • Prepares
  • Studies
  • Works hard
  • Always puts the team first, you have to be selfish if you’re going to be a pro, but don’t put that in front of the team
  • Practice
  • Pushes self
  • Finishes the play
  • Comptetes
  • Thrives on a challenge, especially one on one, learn to compete with yourself
  • Make sure you understand you understand everytime you compete against you.
  • Understand how the game should be played.
  • Play like you’re hairs on fire, with enthusiasm

Don’t let anyone set any limits on you.
They want you to be great
Have integrity and the rest will take care of itself

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