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CoCA! I got a show at the CoCA!!

Jan 29, 2010

CoCA Ballard, 6413 Seaview Ave. NW, Seattle, WA 98107 Wine & hors d'oeuvres.
Thursday, February 11 from 2:00 pm to 9:00 pmIt’s coming up fast fast fast. I have gobs of work to do to get ready and I’m still going to finish the latest painting in the Non-Ordinary Reality series to get ready for First Thursday. This has been a huge January for me.

Joseph Roberts has curated 6 of the accident paintings and two of the Non-Ordinary Reality paintings as well as some drawings. I’m supplying a statement for the drawings and a short one for the Non-Ordinary Reality. However, the accident series is so complex on so many levels that it doesn’t seem possible at this point to write a statement for it.

Instead I’m working on a book. It won’t be ready for the show. I’m not even going to deign to write it. I’m not that brilliant. But I have it planned out. I just need the resources...money honey, to put it together. Joseph said that perhaps a supporter of these paintings could buy one, knowing that their name would be credited in the book when the work is published. I thought that was a dandy idea. Anyone? The book is about the writing, 4 articles, 1500 - 2000 words, by great thinkers and writers of art, about art today, using this accident series as a jumping off point, four different perspectives. There are more than 4 perspectives to choose from with regards to this series, but four may be enough so that there is something for everyone.

I’ll be spending the weekend in the studio stretching canvases. I have PR to take care of, lots and lots of that. My goal, starting mid-Sept, was to spend 6 months on concentrated painting. This is a little bit of a diversion as I’m not at the 6 month point...but I’m NOT complaining. I have to figure out what this CoCA show means, what it’s supposed to lead to.

I also have to work to try to get it reviewed and bring people to the show. Every 10 minutes I think of new tasks I must accomplish for this. It’s really fun!

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