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Creation {of Melancholy Fate} by Supreme Being

Dec 13, 2009


The sixth painting begun. The poem from which the title is derived is below. I’m working on streamlining my process so that I can work quicker. To that end I’m working a little more wet on wet, combining the techniques I learned about classical renaissance painting techniques with freestyle contemporary self-taught techniques. I keep wondering if somewhere down the line the two totally different types of paintings I do will begin to move closer together until one day they reconcile.

To View the progression: Painting Progression: Creation {of Melancholy Fate} by Supreme Being

Solitude  by Jorie Graham

The subject of mutability
Fog    hour    tree    (frogs)
(mourning dove/hiss of train uncoupling)
(inaudible component to operatic sunset)

The subject of mutability
Graduation that can be imagined
Graduation that cannot be imagined
(difference)     (Series)
appearance out of nowhere of the new
life-history    Monstrous birth

Need that provokes satisfaction of that need.
Account for origin of [such and such]
Change    Undergone
Lust    Hunger    Danger
Cross-fertilize    Maintain vigor
of the significance    of the vestigial
presupposes    a former function
the power of acquiring new parts
attended by new propensities
directed by irritations sensations volitions associations

Editor: their possessing the power to continue [to improve?]
    by their own inherent activity,
delivering those improvements to posterity––

Speaking subject: world with out end

Animal        Kingdom
Branching        Limbs
(The last branch the branch I’m on)
(The final branching)

had not become extinct
had been transmuted into living

the supposed tendency to perfection
the supposed tendency to increased complexity
the supposed scale of being
the supposed bottom the supposed top

ed: allusion to another work
s.s: I do not hold before me the words
    I do not hold before me the words said and under
    stood?ed: perceiving subject speaking subject thinking subject?s.
s: I have to trace a path
    I am sinking into the local the temporal open,
    That other-than-me who is the I
ed: I said: the openness to the world such as we re-
    discover it in ourselves and the perception within life
    intertwine, encroach upon, change to one another?s.
s: consciousness seeking to see time and not to measure it?s.
s: consciousness that is at once spontaneous and reflected
        [on the same page]
        the look that kills?[my “look”]
    [the presence of what is behind my back]
    (self-presence which is not an absence from oneself)
        (the figure on the ground)
(it is already the flesh of things that speaks to us of our own
    flesh, and that speaks to us of the flesh of the other)
you must rise            it is said
by anomaly    deviation    branching
from what might have been
the environment interfered
the environment interferes
new needs because of inner feeling
internal        feeling?living        force
out of catastrophe blooms afresh
also extensive         extinction
a new concept of love involving abandonment
creation (of melancholy fate) by supreme being

After catastrophe    advance in the complexity
    of superiority        of purpose
of the effects        of internal sentiment
of the effects of acts of obliteration
look back        become
[not magnification]    [but change]

reformation        realization

a partaken away
no whole??the idea of development enters the world
Such is the machinery of perfection: loss
Such is the machinery of history: habit
Such is the sacred theology: history
Trace continuity through recapitulation
Not magnification, but change

The eye is adapted to the medium in which
it lives: agency, wisdom, progression, anticipation.
So the idea of development enters into
the world.

s.s: Let us therefore consider ourselves installed
among the multitude of things. Let us try to form notions
that would enable us to comprehend what happens
to us there. Our first truth––which prejudges
nothing and cannot be contested––will be that ?there is

ed: one is tempted to say, “the things” ––

s.s: presence, that “something” is there, and that “someone”
is there. Before coming to the “someone,” let us ask first

ed: one is tempted to say “the things”…

s.s: what the “something” is.

ed: understood by that?

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