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Jan 24, 2011


Carla, David, Thomas. David is going to edit the MP3 files for the installation.

Tonight we recorded the whispering voices for the installation that will be up in my studio on First Thursday. We had a blast! I can’t speak for everyone, I did, Barb did and John did, I think everyone else did too. We all seemed to laugh a lot. Thomas York, David Guilbault, Carla Reich, Ed Skoog, Barbara Noonan, Valerie Collymore, Ingrid Lahti, John Vrijmoet, myself.

The audience movement in the studio triggers a program to play MP3 files of us whispering in every increasing criticisms. Some in french, german and finnish too. The installation deals with permission and access, taking up space, human observation, the unexpected, and the voices in our heads- the human condition.


Barb pretending she’s walking into the studio and triggering recording, reacting to what she hears. Thomas and Ed.


David, Barb, Val, Ingrid. Ed, David, Barb. Me, John.


These are my new studio walls going up in preparation for the installation. Thomas York did the work for this, the mounts for all the electronics, all the storage, and all the prep work for next month’s installation. Gotta plan ahead!


This is Ian getting all the audio, hardware and software to work correctly. http://v8media.com is his company. He’s amazing. He does this kind of thing for burning man! And he teaches/tutors if you just want to learn how to use your programs. But he’s great at this kind of genius creative problem solving.

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