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Everyone had a chance to be a little bad...

Feb 6, 2011

So much fun to watch everyone’s reaction. Before I tell you, please excuse this video as it includes all of the ambient sounds as well as the installation. However, I’ve included the recordings by themselves below.

After the first group completed their exploration of the space, I invited them back to the inner sanctum for some chocolate and wine. I thought they might need it after the abuse they had taken. It was good, they wanted to see how the installation worked and talk about their experience. We were all thrilled and about twelve of us stood in wait on the far side of an empty room, grinning from ear to ear, watching the hallway entry for the next unsuspecting visitors. Of course, from the passerby’s point of view, it was daunting to look into the empty space, then see a crowd of fiendishly grinning faces all staring expectantly out at you.

There were people who just enjoyed the feeling of doing what they weren’t supposed to do. Being a little bad.

I loved people’s sense of play and joy in the space, even as they were made fun of and poked at. I’m extremely interested in taking this installation to another iteration, making it better. There are so many applications for it. I think it would be perfect for the museum space in Ecuador recorded in Spanish, English and ...I’ll have to think about the third language. Maybe turkish. The culture and museum seems to gravitate to what is sexy, so one zone could be subtle moans and breaths that are meant to arouse. THAT would be interesting to cast and record! There could be the version with children’s voices, “I shouldn’t be in here. I’m going to get caught” Maybe they should be in the same installation. The voices about being alone. I would love to engage poets to write lines about solitude from an I introspection perspective and have them whispered. The art critics’ voices, whispered in all their different personalities. How about a synesthete, they would trigger colors. A musician might trigger musical riffs. At an office park, this could be an installation in several hallways, one hallway might build up the employees, another, might project their insecurities, another might personify the company and be things the company would say or whisper.

Stephen Rock said, “you activated your space.”
(really I think I ROCKED my space!)

To listen to the sound recordings of each side isolated from the ambient sounds of first Thursday traffic, link to the Mother May I? page

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