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Featured artist on Artsy Shark

Jul 18, 2014

Today, Artsy Shark published a blog on my water paintings. Below is an excerpt. Click the link to read the full article.

Enjoy the fascinating work of artist Kate Vrijmoet, who uses water as a visual, and visceral, part of her portfolio. Be sure to visit her website for more.


The true work of art, Kandinsky observed, “detaches itself from the artist and takes on its own life, becoming an independent being animated with spiritual breath.” In my work I do not so much accede to this as seek it. How can it be any other way? Art connects us. It tells us we’re human, we’re like each other, we feel. It’s my mission as a person and my job as an artist to bring about situations through art where this can happen. If art teaches us something about the world we live in, it’s that we must reach out to others, that to dig deeper reaps rewards, and that we share the human condition.

See more here: http://www.artsyshark.com/2014/07/18/featured-artist-kate-vrijmoet/

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blog comments powered by Disqus