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First Seattle first Thursday Open Studio

Aug 6, 2009

An eclectic array of people came through my studio door this evening. I had some of the 50/50 paintings up. Nicolette, everyone thought you were stunning and that you looked like Elizabeth Taylor. And Tilly, you have great taste, the two you picked for the For the Love of Art Show, were the hands down favorites of the evening.
    I met a few people I wanted to paint. In the end I came away with the strongest impression of a colorful person with a possible foot fetish and great teeth, 51 years old, who I think would be a great subject and I would very much like to paint him. We’ll see if it comes to pass. He’ll have to reach out to me since he didn’t leave me his contact information.
    I also asked a man in a chair to pose for me. He was a riot! He said, in the nude. OK. He said, 15 dollars an hour. OK. He said, 20! LOL I said 15 is the going rate. I can hardly wait!
    I’m really looking forward to being able to paint in my studio. I keep thinking September, but I may be able to eek out a few hours before then, when the girls are in camp. I have so much moving crap still to do. Like register the cars and get my biz license. Stuff that can’t wait.
    I also met some really wonderful artists. Check out www.artbybird.com
I really like her work. And Zak Alexander has THE most incredible opening bio I have ever read! (too bad the link is no longer available!)
    So, I have to work on my schedule, but it looks pretty good here. Things are falling into place so well, so perfectly, like everything is aligned. I just have to go with it. My goal for the next (school) year is just to paint as much as possible. The secondary goal is to make up rent by building custom stretchers and painting yoga mats. I’m designing a folding stretcher right now, experimenting with specialty hinges. And the local art store has indicated they have clientele for me.
    I was pleased to have seen a couple of people really affected by the work. That’s what it’s there for. Mission accomplished.

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