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I got to spend the whole day in the studio today, painting

Nov 2, 2009

painting, and I’m going back tonight. I was discouraged when I wrote my parking check for 50 dollars, meaning 50 hours of parking. I know the girls had the flu, Chloe twice! But really, I need to put in at a minimum 40 hours a week. Today was a great start and I’m on my way back.

I’ve been doing research on contemporary artists and their galleries, the ones my art resonates with. I make a note of their galleries. I’ll write about them and post them in a future blog. I’m pretty excited about the art. And it’s been a confidence boost as well. I see a place for my work among these artists. There is a great amount of installation art in high art, but there remains some painting as well.

I’m also getting lots of rejections. Just got rejected today from CoCA. Their letter said “I looked for images that appeared to be of outstanding execution and innovative concept, supported by an insightful artist statement” and that if I didn’t have all three I didn’t get picked. I beg to differ. My initial reaction is “they made a mistake.” LOL I wonder if that’s everyone’s initial reaction to getting rejected from something they expected to get into. Oh well. I know I’m being unreasonable but I’m entitled to 3 minutes of sulk before I go back to the studio and resume work. Okay, I’m done. There is one more I was supposed to hear from today, Punch gallery, but they missed their own deadline entirely! LOL

Its pretty scary putting myself out on a limb on this Non-Ordinary Reality project for a year while I paint and paint and paint and then what? And then I just keep on painting and making art. That’s what. I take the ideas that I’ve gotten in the meantime and execute. That’s all. I can’t worry about that now. I can only do my work and research and be prepared. Gotta get back to work now.

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