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I just got licked from my toes to the underside of my eyelids

Mar 5, 2011


Ebb and flow. My hard drive is back. Not that I ever really lost my personal hard driving self, but the one with all the digital files is back with all the files in tact and yes, it did cost all that moohoohoohoolalalala to recover the data. But what a week. I’m in love with the world and everyone in it. How does that happen? Good people, carrying the torch, reaching out to touch the lives of others. I’m going to be a torch carrier too. Does that mean I’m carrying a torch? ! I can’t seem to walk across a sentence without stepping in one or ten thousand puns. So be it.

On the other hand, I will be taking the trip to NY for the opening of Wide Open 2. My siblings will attend with me, making it take on meaning it would not otherwise have.

I’m so delighted by new friendships lately. I’m going to be parting with another Non-ordinary painting and it’s a perfect fit.

And Mi Madre is still quite a while away from being complete. Its such a complex image. The contrast and colors and directional strokes... but I’m beginning to comprehend the image. That’s something. I never anticipated a 5 or 6 month long painting.

First Thursday was surprisingly busy after all the hail. The fun part was the audience that came back for last month’s installation.

The Henry had a call for art deadline for their exterior window for Friday. I had an excellent idea, but with all the computer misegas I couldn’t get it together. I’m quite disappointed about that. However, that’s one glitch among many wonderful things. Now for the taxes....

Monday, March 7, 2011

I just did something very smart or very stupid. I just flipped this massive painting 180º to begin painting from a new perspective. To see it anew. By GOD! By hook or by crook, I’m going to learn to paint. I know what great image, concept, idea all are and manifest them. I know how to work hard and to fail and get up, although my rebound or processing rate can sometimes be clumsily slow...I know that too. I’ve had an extraordinary life so far with the influence of truly gifted, generous, brilliant people. I CAN make this come together in this painting! And, the truth is, if I don’t, so what, I’ll have learned a lot and some day...I will be where I was trying to get to in paint-now-in this painting. This feels a little reminiscent of when I was a kid and I kept trying to order my hand to obey my imagination, however, lacked the training, the guidance and–most unfortunately–the mentoring...which led me into the abyss of feelings of failure, not being able to embrace failure and learn from it.

Creativity: the combining of seemingly disparate parts into a new and useful whole.

Eventually, in this, my hand will serve my eye, then my eye may be free to serve my hand. THEN, thing one and thing two may combine. It will be interesting to see the work develop in five years time.

Now that I’m looking at this art upside-down and sideways, there are some beautiful marks here. (and some that have quite a ways to go!)

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