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Information Gathering

Dec 30, 2009


It’s been a quiet painting week but much has been going on for the past couple of weeks while I’ve been gathering information. I am currently without gallery representation and I have been shopping, trying to find a good fit. I’m also not so knowledgeable, new here to Seattle, and so I have many people of whom I need to question or have questioned.
    I got some terrific information today and I’m quite thrilled. I got the 411 on some local galleries from a former local art critic who now lives elsewhere, as well as very valuable information on how the business works, how the wheels get greased, information I so needed and was missing.
    I have homework. I need to check out a dozen or so galleries for the next several months. I’m ready to follow-up on a possible connection to a gallery. I also need to check out a couple of organizations and contact them. And the input I got today was that I have enough work to seek representation and put up a show. I really thought I didn’t. I thought what I had was a good beginning and that what I am producing now, is show material. That was good news.
    I feel reinvigorated and excited, and grateful to Dan for his candor and for sharing his knowledge.
    A couple of really cool things happened. One of my images started to receive beaucoup comments on Art Review and became one of the 5 featured pieces of art on the website. http://www.artreview.com/photo/photo (I don’t know how long I’ll stay there...)
    The other cool thing, isn’t really something that happened to me, it’s just cool and I find it validating of some what I’m trying to accomplish with my art. I’m reading the Brain that Changes Itself by Norman Doidge M.D. It’s about the plasticity of the brain and it cites amazing examples. However, it also talks about the polysensory nature of the brain. How when we see something, yes, the vision area of the brain is activated. But when we touch or hear something, that same vision area is also activated. I was so excited. This means we really can see what we hear. That means that if my paintings are successful, there WILL be a noticeable auditory affect as well as visual affect and (hopefully) visceral affect as well. Maybe people will even smell the blue or taste it. Who knows. But the whole premise that there will be an auditory response is something I’ve been working on from the get-go. A visual sound wave, and the secondary affect of assimilation paradox (using information we already have experienced to understand novel set.) Thus, when viewing the paintings in the Non-Ordinary Reality series, the room gets quiet as it does when one is under water. More later as I get further into the book. I love brain science. Too late to be a neurosurgeon, but maybe it will be of great use in my art. ;o)

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