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Making “solid” progress on my goal

Jun 29, 2011


Day three of painting this enormous painting. How close to completion will this be by First Thursday?

I set a goal to complete by first Thursday. I have a good deal of time tomorrow and this weekend, we’ll see how I do. Stay tuned! You can follow along on the blog page, by clicking the images on the right, the top one is this painting. If you click on it you can follow the daily progress.

I read an interesting article today about “extreme productivity.” It recommended that if you have an aggressive goal, that you let people know about it, that you won’t be available because of this goal. I thought that was an excellent idea! So that was my tactful response to a recent lunch request. With this goal, my grant applications and my other pressing business obligations, the next two weeks I’m going to be off the grid.

It also recommended altering your work habits, for example, working early in the morning or very late at night, because time passes more quickly if this is not your normal method of working. I know this is true, I’ve pulled all-nighters as a designer/art director/creative director and gotten up at 4 am to work/ meditate/ get housework done and it does go by faster to change regular habits and step outside your norm.

It also recommends employing delayed gratification methodologies. Want to listen to music, wait until you finish a certain amount of work first and then reward yourself. etc.

7 Simple Steps to Extreme Personal Productivity

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