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Jun 19, 2010

Zombie Angst

There’s a great deal going on. There’s a GREAT DEAL! going on.

Ming Holden came to CoCA to interview Joseph Roberts and Pablo Martinez (phone) and Alvaro Noboa (unavailable) and myself. Ming is a Seattlite who blogs on Huffington Post. She’s a very good writer. Went to Brown. I love to watch people. Joseph is such a seasoned, polished pro. He was very smooth and had full command of the entire situation from beginning to end as we sat in his office. That takes a special kind of talent. Given my own imbalance of attributes, I’ve always been a little envious of that kind of talent. It’s very nuanced. Ming is young, but she has some of that too. I could see it in the way she asked questions and let conversations flow. I was impressed.

Here’s the article Ming wrote, What does Ecuador have to do with Seattle?

I have a lot to organize, I’m trying to determine the level of detail I want to get into. Sometimes its more time effective to plow through the work once you have a rough idea of what needs to be done, rather than micro manage every detail and then have that many hours less to actually work.

I signed up for a sketchbook project. I resolved the problem conceptually. I picked, like Kelly Lyles, “its raining cats and dogs” for my theme out of the list of possible themes. Seattle and my paintings lend themselves to this theme. I’m going to write illustrated haiku’s about all things saturated. That will be my sketchbook.

In the meantime I have to work on the 2 huge things and one smaller thing that I have going on. The Ecuador show, which I want to be in December. I have a lot of painting to do, but not only that, there’s a good deal of new work for which I need to conduct research, I don’t know time frames and costs associated with it. We also need to discuss what’s getting curated into the show. I need to put a budget together and get some funding from the LANN museum to produce the work. I also have an October-November show at ArtsWest of the Zombies. And I have the Mystic Sons work to produce. I know what I’m going to do, I’m excited about it, but I have to make a few of them to get it to my satisfaction. Then I get a little break until the SSCommunity College show in May. Good stuff! But intense for the next few months.

In an effort to become more fluent talking about my work, I’ve picked up a copy of Gothic Histories by Clive Bloom, as well as reading Rudolf Arnheim, and Danto and Obrist. I did pick up a fiction too to break it up a bit. Not really liking Kuspit, he makes too many, what I think are absurd, assumptions, but just starting another book of his on the Avant Garde. And Nancy has influenced my installation work on commodification and freedom but Damn! he’s dense to read! Very slow reading! For me anyway. And I’m feeling a little brain fuzzy this week, (maybe I need more exercise).

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