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Dec 18, 2011


Pacific Coast Issue #97 New American Paintings Now Available!

The 2011 Pacific Coast Issue, #97, has hit newsstands across the US. And I'm in it. :o) You can find it in Barnes and Noble, University Bookstore, art stores, and other establishments or order it online or by calling the number below. This is my first professional print magazine publication. The juror for this issue was Anne Ellegood, Senior Curator, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA! If you haven't been...GO. Consistenly fabulous shows. I've wanted to show my work there for ages. The Hammer has had quite an impact on me, I would frequent it when I lived in LA.


I'm struck by Ellegood's essay, “Painting is a surface for imagination. This is abundantly evident in the submissions I reviewed for this edition of New American Paintings. While the works presented in the following pages are notably eclectic, one striking correspondence among the artists is their belief that painting can offer us insights into our world. […] And I, for one, am happy to see artists strive to complicate rather than elucidate. [...] they resonate for their ability to tap into shared experience.” And then she goes on to quote me! Woohoo! (although she fails to attribute the quote).

I'm so excited about this! I ran into a friend yesterday at Robert Hargrave's Holiday Party who pulled me aside, "Kate! I was in the bookstore yesterday flipping through NAP and holy sh*t!, there you were! How cool is that?  Way to go!"


Please go to the coments section of the New American Paintings Blog, if you would be so kind, and leave a comment. Thank you!

You can order the issue by calling 617-778-5265.

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