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Some Days You Want Do Overs

Feb 9, 2009

The Hat Factory, Rick Yamet, Penny Yamet, Lael Morgan, Leslie Pelino, Geogette Gouveia-The Journal News, Bruce Richards. You can visit the collection online at yametonarts.com

What a crazy, upside-down, fun, confusing day it’s been...so far. Today I delivered my art to The Hat Factory in Peekskill. That’s it in the background.

Donald and Joe, #s 24 and 34 of 50. We were invited to come and be interviewed and photographed for a newspaper article. I’m pretty excited about this.

Things didn’t go exactly as planned and 2.5 hours later I arrived at The Hat Factory late and having missed the photographer. As we pulled up John was saying, “I’m sorry I was such a terrible navigator.” That’s alright, I told him, I just don’t want to miss it completely. That will feel like the time I missed out on the Javits fellowship because I couldn’t get the date filled in correctly, even though they sent me the paperwork THREE TIMES! But when we got there Ben said, “oh, you just missed the photographer.”

Right after I had my son, Chris, 21 years ago. I had just moved to LA where my husband had been living while I was at college, where he was from in fact. Anyway, one morning the phone rang and I picked it up and the voice on the other end said, “what’s your favorite radio station?” So I told them. Bernie started screaming the call letters of another station out over and over like a maniac. The voice on the other end of the phone said, “too bad, you don’t get the $10,000 prize.” I thought the whole thing was a big joke, but Bernie turned on the station and there it was. And we were so poor!


Rick Yamet, Ben Green
The collection can be seen at yametonarts.com

Missing the photographer wasn’t quite that bad, but it didn’t feel good to show up late. Ben Green and Rick Yamet were such lovely people. And I got to meet my favorite artist...Leslie Pelino! very fun. Here’s leslie talking with the reporter, Georgett Gouveia about her vessels and how she saves all the remnants of her children’s clothing and works from early in the morning until dinner every day. She works on several pieces at a time and has to rent a storage unit to hold all her vessels. Funniest thing, she said right off the bat, do you have chickens? This one’s a blue cochin. I think this one got eaten by a predator.


And Georgette was a vivacious, interested, very smart person. Here she is interviewing Lael Morgan. Well, I think she had finished interviewing Lael and was deep in discussion about the Katonah show, contemporary confrontations and what it is to be hopeful in these times...from what I could gather. I really enjoyed talking with Georgette, not about my artwork or anyone else’s, because we only spent a couple of minutes on that, but she had insights and opinions on many contemporary issues. I got the feeling that she doesn’t get to engage in lively debates often. That’s what usually happens to very smart people. That’s what made Cambridge, MA such an energetic and fun place to live, those conversations. Anyway, I think it would be fun to be a guest at one of her dinner parties. I wonder if she’d let me paint her.


As John and I were bringing my things in, he said, oh, I have to get my books and notebooks. I think he carries them around like security blankets. I said, “what?! This isn’t an interesting and new experience enough to engage you?” No. Oh well. He’s all head. His body is a vehicle for his head.


Also, here’s a lovely photo of Rick and Penny Yamet

And I really didn’t get to talk to Bruce Richards, although I would have liked to. He was in the middle of being interviewed when I rudely arrived so late and then it was over when it was over and we all dispersed. So, Bruce, if you read this, Hi! :o)

And press:


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