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Things you should be doing on Facebook

Oct 6, 2013

I've been on a social media learning curve lately, having just added twitter to my repetoire. However, this post is about FB. I recently listened to a broadcast by Leslie Saeta and Crystal Cook called Twenty Things Artists Should Be Doing on Facebook.


Here's a recap of the 20 things. I highly encourage you to listen to this broadcast.

  1. Link. Include a link with every painting you post on FB where someone can buy it, or learn more information about your show
  2. Link your monthly newsletter to FB. Sign up for the newsletter directly from your FB tab, you can do a search on how to add a tab to FB for newsletter sign ups
  3. Use Story Bump: The posts getting more likes and shares. The average person has the potential to see 1,500 posts per day. Its based on an algorithm 1. How often you interact w/ a certain friend, post or public figure. 2. Number of likes and comments it receives from world at large. 3. How much you interact with this type of post. 4. What you or someone else is hiding or reporting your post. Advice: Be a source of information that's too valuable to your readers that they do what they can to seek you out.
  4. Use FB for contests: Promotions can now be on the timeline or apps
  5. Shared Photo Albums: to boost group engagement. Up to 50 people can each share up to 200 photographs. 10,000 photos. Great for shows and workshops
  6. FB Insights: find out how many people are interacting with your page. Find out when your fans look at your page. Figure out when people are liking and sharing and optimize that time. Schedule your posts so that it appears when people are going to be looking at it.
  7. Use the new apps on FB: Boxes unter top third of your page show up to 4 on your page. Link to your website, sign up for monthly newsletter, provide followers with reqards. Develop a deeper relationship with collectors and foster brand loyalty. Keep your customers in the know. Use contant contact or mailchimp setting to make the connection. Google FB applications-customer feedback.
  8. Post Demos on FB: stagger them throughout the day and tell your fans that when the next one is posting. Greater chance of getting interactions.
  9. Use Images to Amplify your FB updates: 78% more likely chance to be noticed. Even if your'e talking about something that has nothing to do with your art, throw up an image from one of your paintings, (why not?) more than 3 times chance more likely to be read.
  10. Post paintings for sale on your FB page that are not only new. Most people miss the majority of what's on FB so many people haven't seen them.
  11. Advertising on FB: if you're ready, to generate leads from the right audience. A typical ad or promoted post.
  12. Customize your FB page URL: if your FB URL has "pages" and a bunch of numbers, then you need a customized page. It's easy. It can only be changed once and check for type-o's. Makes it a lot easier to find you on FB.
  13. Use the short description. Your page can show a brief desc. of 150 characters. List your website URL. Go to your fanpage, short desc. review and complete the remainder of the about area. Indexed by search engine. Make sure it contains your keywords.
  14. Concentrate on increasing daily updates. Integral part of a content strategy. 5-10 on twitter and 1-4 on FB for optimal outcome. Post to multiple social sites in addition to your own blog or social site. Make sure you're engaging your fans and not just spamming them.
  15. FB Graph: Graph Search. Use it to identfy your fans, learn about their business and their hobbies. Identify potential business partnerships. type in: People who are not my friend who like "kate vrijmoet fine art" their names come up, you can click on "add a friend" or message them. "My friends who have not likes "name of page"" Then you can network in groups based on shared interests. "groups of people who like art and "page name"" Find our about your fans interests type: "favorite intersts of people who like "__"" Find out about other pages my fans like: "favorite interests of people who like (Kate Vrijmoet Fine Art)" or your could type: "pages like by "(name)""
  16. Use a conversational tone to engage readers. People buy art they like from people they like. 
  17. Questions: 1. pure fan engagement questions about interests and lifestyle of your fan base. 2. Use questions to generate conversations and engage in possible leads of people buying this product. 3. get feedback from people. Use conversations to ask your readers question. Make sure that when they reply, you reply back.
  18. Present your human side with photos. Photos that are funny or make fun of yourself can help. Can show serious, productive, creative but most of all show your human side. 
  19. Engage in real interactions: Do not autopost. If you do autopost, makesure that if people start commenting that you're there and you comment back.
  20. Follow FB changes.

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