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What's in a name? A painting. I've narrowed it down to 6 possible titles...any opinions?

Jan 17, 2013

In this unfinished painting you're looking at, you see two arms, from two bodies, hair to the right, and abstraction above reflected on the underside of the water surface.

I've narrowed down the titles to 6 possible choices. I'll have to sit with them for a little while. What I don't use for this one I may use on another painting but I've thought and thought and read the poems and thought and disected the lines in context and out of context with the poems and the paintings and tonight...I'm not certain. Happy to hear your opinion based on the line only and the unfinished art. Thanks!


  1. And its charms have a punch. And its hunches have arms.
  2. The sky, each time it’s wounded, heals at once.
  3. Forget the double helix, shimmering with worlds, your business is this world
  4. Too small a flock, perhaps, or too bewildered
  5. Dear Sir or Madam: Enclosed please find a persistent tactile memory–
  6. Tell the water you spill on the ground, then all the water will know




Category: Water Paintings
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