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Why taking a break is important for artists

Mar 23, 2016

I can think of lots of reasons to take a break from work.

For me, the biggest impact has been that I've been able to get away from the incessant approval machine.


Even though I have intrinsic motivation for my art practice, when I constantly looking for opportunities to advance my career including seeking favorable industry and public opinion as necessary to particpate in a wider dialog about art, the extrinsic forces seem to overtake the intrinsic motivation. This results in too much inward focus...I mean outside looking in, instead of me looking outward from inside my own creative processes. That leads to an increase in anxiety and a decrease in perception of self-worth.

So, Taking a break is a confidence booster.

The other benefit for me is that it gives me space to work on my practice of looking, my practice of learning to really see. This is the foundation of all of my work and it remains intact and strong.

It allows me to reevaluate my current work, where it's headed and what ideas I want to implement going forward.

It allows me to reconnect with people in my life who are important to me. We all need this. As animals, we're social and need the connection in a physical (not virtual) space with our friends, loved ones and colleagues.

Tags: Art Practice
Category: Philosophy
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blog comments powered by Disqus