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catalog Kate Vrijmoet: Essential Gestures

"Painting Non-ordinary Reality: A Long Look at Something You Can't See" by Elatia Harris
Any single image from the Accident series will freeze you where you stand. Motionlessly, you check yourself for parts and think, "Oh, that's the thing, the thing that happened to me, even if no one sees it." The Water paintings, on the other hand, will dislocate you – you are pulled, plunged and buoyed, seeing up and through and down.

"The Accidental Purist: Kate Vrijmoet and the American Sublime" by Daniel Kany
Vrijmoet, however, is not merely trafficking in conundrums and impossibilities. We know somehow that these images are real – even if they only play themselves out in our fears [...] In this sense, Vrijmoet is playing a dialectical game with the traumatic memory trace."

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