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Curriculum Vitae


2005/6 Boston University Painting, Richard Ryan
2005 Museum School of Fine Arts, Painting
1997 MFA  Syracuse University
1984-'86 Undergraduate Studies Syracuse University, SVPA Crouse College

Solo & 2-Person Exhibitions

2015 Listening to what you can see, Sticks and Stones, Seattle, WA
2014 Linda Hodges Gallery, with Jacques Chevalier, Seattle

Esvelt Galery, Columbia Basin College, Pasco WA

Alyoya Northgate, The Human Condition, with Holly Ballard Martz

2011 Thrilled to be Undead. A zombie-licious Exhibition. Kent, WA77
2010 Kate Vrijmoet:Essential Gestures. CoCA Seattle/Ballard.

Kate Vrijmoet:Essential Gestures. Book signing CoCA Seattle/downtown.

Kate Vrijmoet:Essential Gestures New Works. CoCA Seattle,
inaugural exhibition in downtown location
. August-September

2009 First Thursday Seattle Art Walk. Exhibiting continuously with
rotating monthly Exhibits. Sept.
2008 50 Paintings in 50 Days, Pawling, NY
2005 Essential Gestures, Cambridge, Mass.

Biennales/Curated Exhibitions/Invitationals


NFAA and YoungArts 35th Anniversary collaborative film project, "Transformations" West Palm Beach, FL

VI Ecuadorian Bienal de Pintura, Guayaquil, Equador

Kate Vrijmoet, Colorida Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

The Incredible Intensity of Just Being Human, Issaquah, WA

Russia, Mother Russia! Shoreline, WA


#Paper, Treason Gallery, Seattle

Anne Focke Gallery, Seattle City Hall. The Incredible Intensity of Just Being Human

Gravity Falls, Sticks&Stones Gallery, Special exhibit for Seattle Art Fair, Seattle WA

Visual Biographies, Lakeshore, Seattle Wa

The Richard Siken Project 11 artists respond to The War of the Foxes by Richard Siken, Copper Canyon Press

Art Kudos International

Columbia City Gallery, A Different Thinking, WA

CVG, Bremerton, WA

Colors of Humanity Gallery, Red, e-xhibit


Erotic Art Festival, Poor Impulse Control, social sculpture, Seattle, WA

BWAC Wide Open 5, juried by Paulin Pobocha from MoMA-asst. curator of painting and sculpture

Linus Gallery, The Senses, Los Angeles, CA

South Seattle Community College, Rain

Art Kudos International

2013 Linda Hodges Gallery, "Suburbia," Seattle

CoCA. Art: A fact. Seattle

Art Kudos International.

2012 5th Beijing International Art Biennal. Beijing, China. Naked Snow Blower

Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Random Acts of
, Curator: William Moreno. Naked Shotgun

Lynnwood Convention Center, curated by Fred Wong, 5 artists.
4 of the Non-ordinary Reality (water)

Wide Open, Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, Brooklyn, NY. Juror:
Charlotta Kotik: Curator Emerita of Contemporary Art at the Brooklyn Museum of Art

Art Kudos, international juried art competition and exhibition, Finalist www.artkudos.com

2011 Art Kudos, international juried art competition and exhibition, Finalist www.artkudos.com

You First, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Ana, CA

Spanglish for Gringos, Post Gallery, Los Angeles

Wide Open, Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, Brooklyn, NY Juror: Nat
Trotman, Associate Curator, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum of Art,
New York, NY curated acclaimed Matthew Barney:The Cremaster Cycle.

South Seattle Community College 2011 Spring Exhibition, Curator:Tracy Cilona.

Social FACEworking, Curated by Nip Rogers Scheneckedy, NY.

Collective Visions, “Naked Snow Blower” Bremerton, WA Juror: Jake Jenuik.

2010 WTF?! Guys&Dolls&ZombiesArtsWest Seattle, WA.

Art Kudos international juried art competition and exhibition, www.artkudos.com

II Ecuadorian Bienal de Pintura, Guayaquil, Equador. 3rd place winner of the  Biennale

Wide Open, Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, Brooklyn, NY Jurors:
Anne Strauss:Associate  Curator at the Met curators of Bacon retrospective.
co-organized Koons on the Roof.

Collective Visions 2010, Maul Accident Bremerton, WA Juror: Jake Jenuik.

Portraits, Ralph Angle Gallery, Seattle, WA. Curator: Paul McKee

2009 For the Love of Art Curated Group Show, The Hat Factory, Peekskill NY
2006 Big Brickbottom Artist Gallery Curated Group Show, Somerville, Mass.

Group Exhibitions


CoCA Member Show, Seattle WA

A Sense of Place, Shoreline, WA


Open, University House, WA

Medicine Ball: Poets v. Playwrights, South of Lenin Theatre, Seattle1010


Zoom Gigapixel by Microsoft, Seattle Art Muesum

Medicine Ball: Poets v. Playwrights, Seattle

2013 CoCA, "Collision" Seattle
Gallery [Context] "Limbs and Faces," Seattle
Gallery [Context] "Direct Experience," Seattle
Seattle Center, "The incredible intensity of just being human, destigmatizing mental illness"
Art and social change conference.
2011 South Seattle Community College, Seattle, WA

Art House Coop Sketchbook Project, national tour

2010 Mystic Sons of Morris Graves, Centennial Birthday and Séance, Seattle, WA Aug.

Spirit Resonance Ouch My Eye, The Seattle Group. Seattle, WA. Maul Accident

2009 Corrider Gallery, Seattle, WA

Slide Slam Dutchess County, NY

2008 Artists Open StudioSelected open studios, Pawling, NY

Great Swamp Art Exhibit, Pawling, NY

2006 Somerville Open Studios, Somerville, Mass., May
2005 Brickbottom & Joy Street Open Studios, Somerville, Mass., Nov.

ArtsUnion Walking Tour, Somerville, Mass.



Painters Who F**king Know How to Paint: Painting IS Alive. This exhibit asks selected
painters to answer the questions: Why Painting? Why Now? Co-curated by painters
Kate Sweeney and Kate Vrijmoet, the exhibit provides a way, for viewers, into the mind
of painters, and encourages public engagement with and understanding of compelling
painters working today. We invite painters whose work gives us a punch in the gut, work
that delivers the seduction of visual impact and presents perceptual, narrative or process
derived experiences. Invitational painting exhibit curated with a fresh curatorial eye:
painters picking painters. Two painters with experience elucidate aspects of painting, that
from the painter’s viewpoint, drive artists to continue to work with the genre. This will
allow access to the art form for a general audience and provide insight into how a
painting becomes.

Art+Math: Co-curated by Dan Finkel and Katherine Cook: An exhibit highlighting the
mathematical connections in our cultural life.


Medicine Ball: Poets v Playwrights: a cross-disciplinary collaborative event that brings
visual artists together with playwrights, poets, actors, directors, designers, musicians,
and technicians together to create a weekend of thrilling new work born out of the spirit
of collaboration. 7 pieces of artwork are selected from 7 artists which serve as the
prompts for 7 playwrights and 7 poets to duke it out on stage with an ensemble cast
and 3 directors for the best performance work. Over the course of the weekend run,
audiences vote of each of the 7 rounds of the competition. While we announce a winning
group of writers each night – either the poets or the playwrights – the cumulative winners
are announced on Saturday night. The winning team of writers each receive a bottle of
Two Buck Chuck. The losers get a warm can of Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer.  

CoCA Sketchbook: a general use sketchbook with a curated selection of members’ artwork.


The Incredible Intensity of Just Being Human-Issaquah

Pacific Northwest Artist team up with Issaquah community members, organizations
and civic leaders to examine the stigma and silence sourrounding mental illness
and to focus on Issaquah Youth. 28 artists, 3 locations, 18 sponsors and partners,
3 months, 200 volunteers all come together to raise awareness around mental
health stigma. Funded through Issaquah Schools Foundation.




The incredible intensity of just being human

Curator Kate Vrijmoet and her artists, June Sekiguchi, Holly Ballard Martz and
Valaree Cox, and Ezra Dickenson intend to shed light on the affect mental illness
has on individuals, loved ones, and ultimately our society, and to de-stigmatize
what is felt from our culture.

Amid fear and loss and disorientation, we are signaling wildly; this could be a time
for making new connections and building new strengths.

2011 Mother May I…Get Eaten by Piranhas?

Interactive sound installation It focuses on issues of permission and
boundary violation, and requires visitors to provoke, with every footfall,
a torrent of harshly whispered questions, merely for entering the room.
Visitors  may try to discern   the origin of the whispers, which arise from
 a source  not   easily located.

What happens when the rules aren't immediately apparent? What,
and where, is the art? And, do you helplessly violate boundaries,
somewhere, with every breath you take? Welcome.

Execution: Multi media presentation. Collaborative.

2010 The Yellow Leaf

Concept: A collaborative performance/conceptual piece: A tattoo
artist, a tattoo recipient, the  audience, and me. How can you buy
something that is both intimately yours and cannot be purchased?
By blending  conceptual and performance art, this work engages you
in a dialogue about the commoditization of various intangible freedoms,
the freedom to hold onto your own body.  Ultimately, what you own
when you buy this work is an idea, the idea of owning a tattooed body
part rather than the actual body part. Additional new paintings exploring
the medium of paint as skin.

Execution: Multi media presentation. Participation in the auction itself was an
important part of the performance.

2008 50 Paintings in 50 Days, Pawling, NY

Concept: Paint 50 large portraits of random community members in
as many days, blog about it daily, hold a reception for “models” and the
community once the project is complete, the act of painting was a
performance for the model, posing and being painted was an experience
for the models, most often their most intimate or first personal exposure
to art.

Execution: All 50 paintings were hung en masse, in close proximity,
side by side, one above the other, like a village, inside a 3-story, open,
200-year old dairy barn where the various models got to meet and greet each
other for the first time and share their common experiences, and locate one
another on the walls. Execution and opening generated press.

Other Professional Experience


CoCA Seattle board member

Leadership Eastside leadership development training

Creative Capital Seminar with Sharon Louden

Washington Non-Profits seminar: Role of the Board Chair

Marketing Seminar: Gallery 110 with Amanda Dellinger of Pivot Art and Culture, a Paul Allen company

New Year Assessment with Barbara Noonan


National Foundation for the Advancement in the Arts, YoungArts, Collaborative film: Transformations

Public talk, Seattle Public Library, Snapped into Fractions with Ann Teplick

MoNA PechaKucha Representing ‘other’ through the politics of the social

CoCA-Seattle board


Seattle City Hall Curatorial Presentation The Incredible Intensity of Just Being Human, Seattle WA w/Mayor Murray

Artist’s Talk, “A Non-ordinary Reality: Listening to what you can see” Open, University House Wallingford Aljoya, Seattle, WA


Review Board for Conductive Garboil Grant

Artist's Talk, A Non-ordinary Reality: Listening to what you can see, The Human Condition, Seattle

2012 Community Sustained Art organization, art review board.

Artist’s Talk, “A Non-ordinary Reality: seeing beneath the surface” Lynnwood
Convention Center, WA

2008 NAGC Arts Network Proposal Conference Review Board
2006 Somerville Arts Council Visual Arts Fellowships Review Board
1997 Teaching Associate, Syracuse University Figure Drawing I and II, Creative
1996 Teaching Associate, Syracuse University Advertising I and  II, Design
1995 Adjunct Professor, Syracuse University Design I and II, Figure Drawing

Honors and Grants 


Issaquah Schools Foundation, $20,000 grant provided through ISF from private donor for exhibit.


Washington State Arts Commission Scholarship, Art and Technology Cultural Congress Scholarship


Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, $12,000 for Art & Social Change Exhibit

Artist|Trust GAP (Grants for Artists Projects), $1,500 for Art & Social Change Exhibit

Allied Arts Foundation, Fiscal Sponsorship


Washington State Arts Commission Scholarship, Cultural Congress Convention Scholarhship


Winner, Best Installation, BWAC, Charlotta Kotik, Curator Emerita Contemproary Collections, 
Brooklyn Museum of Art

Allied Arts Foundation, Fiscal Sponsorship

2011 Art Kudos, international juried art competition and exhibition,
And the vacuum cleaner swallows its bag Finalist
2010 Ecuador II International Biennale, 3rd place. Alvero Noboa II
International Bienal de Pintura

London International Creative Competition LICC,. Maul Accident. Short list.

Art Kudos international juried art competition and exhibition, Finalist

Collective Visions 2010 2-d 2nd place – “Maul Accident”, Jake Jenuik-curator.

New Art Originals, Juried by Annette Graham of Whitechapel Gallery, London. One of 10 runners up.

Recipient of The Fund Grant, finalist. www.the-medium.net Seattle, WA

1998 Clio Award: Digital Entertainment Inc. corporate identity package. Schifino|Lee, Tampa, FL



Colorida Gallery

East of Seattle News

East of Seattle News

Issaquah Reporter.

Highlands Journal

Section 8 Magazine

The Incredible Intensity of Just Being Human-Issaquah, Kate Vrijmoet, David Francis, Gayle Clemans, Grace Boey, exhibit catalog

The Stranger. Jen Graves 

City Councilmember Nick Licata’s Council Connection

The Stranger SLOG. Jen Graves

The Siken Collaboration. Copper Canyon Press and CoCA Seattle, catalog

Section 8 Magazine, Non-Ordinary Reality Series


The Broader Economic Impact of Donating Your Art, March 2014, republished in French Cananda, and several US outlests

The Unreality of UFORA/Nerealnost' UFORY: Notes on Contemporary Art. by Rob Mintz and Dalibor Polivka

Women in the workplace, July 24, 2014, Jean Godden, City Council

Artsy Shark Featured Artist, July 18, 2014, Carolyn Edlund

Marathon Literary Review, http://marathonlitreview.com/?p=598


Artists tackle Suburbia: Dream or Nightmare? at Linda Hodges Gallery, Michael Upchurch, The Seattle Times  http://seattletimes.com/html/thearts/2022490502_lindahodgessuburbiaxml.html

The Weekend Zone with Nancy Guppy at 1:51 http://www.king5.com/new-day-northwest/The-Weekend-Zone-with-Nancy-Guppy-236570091.html

Paintings trigger premotor cortex, Lisa Pullman, The Seattle Vine  http://theseattlevine.com/11412/artisanship/paintings-trigger-premotor-cortex/

CBC's Art Exhibit explores dark themes, Tri-city Herald, Dori O'neal  http://www.tri-cityherald.com/2013/10/29/2648220/cbcs-art-exhibit-explores-dark.html

CoCA Collision: Past, present, future members show. http://www.lulu.com/shop/shawn-ferris-and-joseph-roberts-and-chris-crites/coca-collision-past-present-future-members-show/paperback/product-21236369.html

The Examiner, Elisa Mader, Creative Sparks Fly at CoCA Collision, http://www.examiner.com/article/art-exhibitions-creative-sparks-fly-at-coca-s-collision

Catapult Art Magazine, 0613 v.22 http://catapult-mag.com/?page_id=991 Accident Paintings series.

Z!ng Interview: http://blog.zingrevolution.com/kate-vrijmoet/?utm_source=newsfeed38&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsfeed38

2012 City Weekend China, Dreams, Imagination, Reality at the National
Art Museum of China. http://www.cityweekend.com.cn/beijing/events/115841/

BIAB: The Album of the 5th Beijing International Art Biennale China 2012.

Kate Vrijmoet: Essential Gestures: Chinese Language Edition,
Expanded-Includes Essential Extension. published by CoCA Seattle

Art Daily, Dreams, Imagination and Reality. Seattle's Vrijmoet Selected for the
5th Beijing International Art Biennale
August 12, 2012

El Telegrapho, “Biennial of Guayaquil already moves to the regional art sceneFeb. 16, 2012.

2011 New American Paintings No. 97 Pacific Edition

You First Catalog by Dali Polivka, published by Orange County Center for Contemporary Art

Chain Letter by Jeffery Crussell

Seattle Times “Fun between the covers, sketchbook project in Seatle.” June 19.

2010 Kate Vrijmoet: Essential Gestures, published by CoCA Seattle

3 Quarks DailyKate Vrijmoet: A Non-Ordinary Painting Trajectory” Elatia Harris, September 13

Huffington PostWhat Does Ecuador Have to Do with Seattle?” Ming Holden June 18, 2010.

El Universo, “Juan Caguana lidera Bienal de Guayaquil,” April 30, 2010.

El Universo, “Dien finalistas para la Segunda Bienal de Pintura Guayaquil” April 28, 2010.

Seattle Times, “Abstract, figurative collide in Vrijmoet paintingsBy Michael Upchurch. February

MyBallard.com Art show inspired by ‘accidents’ Sarah Kane February 16th, 2010.

2009 PPR Radio Interview. April 23 2009, Tom Rose

The Journal News, ‘For the Love of Art in Peekskill: Making money isn’t the artist’ top priority at this juried show,” Georgette Gouveia, Saturday, February 14, 2009.

New York Times, “A Show of Heartfelt, Diverse Works,” Susan Hodara, Sunday, Feb. 8, 2009.

Pawling News ChronicleLocal artist selected for major Hudson Valley exhibition,” Feb. 5 2009.

2008 Harlem Valley Times, Amenia Around the Region, “’50 Paintings in 50 Days:’ local artis opens exhibit,” Susan Macura, Editor, Thursday, November 20, 2008.

The Pawling News ChronicleAmbitious Task,” Laurie Przyborowski
Spens, p. A11, Thurs., Sept. 25.

2006 Somerville Art Matters, Weekly CAT talk show, Somerville, Mass.
Segment 2 of Women’s Issues in Art, Moderator:
Julia Fairclough, November 2006
2005 Boston Globe MagazineFreethinking,” Estelle Bond Guralnick, pp 46-49, October 9, 2005.

Somerville News, feature article, October 2005