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Crossbow Accident

Dec 17, 2009


This was fun to do and difficult to figure out. The cast shadows really make it work. I love the concept of the hat knocked off his head onto the ground. And I especially love the arrow starting under his occipital condyle and through the inside of the orbitosphenoid bone, out the orbit, without damaging the eye. :o) Then, the tip of the arrow lodges into a tree or a wall of some sort, pinning or poor subject and immobilizing him. hmmm. quite a predicament! (And that should get rid of any migraine that once existed there.)

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Posted by Colin on
What is with you liberals and your obsession with twisted, perverted art?

A rotting carcass with maggots, jars of urine, photos of semen, people dying

All this liberal modern art is fixated on death and perversion

Far-left liberals are the plague of the human race
Posted by KVrijmoet on
Thank you Colin, such an honor to have my work compared to Serrano's! I read something today I thought a accurate perception and fitting response: "what art is and what it means to be human is as much a mirror to the minds of their audience as it is to the minds of the artists themselves." -ArtReview Magazine
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