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Sep 16, 2009

Here’s a photo of my kick-ass building where my rockin’ art studio is.

It’s not the artwork, or the art studio, a review, a juried show, business license, postcards, a degree, a CV, bio or sales. No. None of these. It’s the damn sign in the window and on the door! Who knew? Well, one other thing would really rock my world. Being in a prominent collection... like the MoMA! Oh wait, I’m in Seattle, maybe I should think locally. (Or maybe I should think globally?)


Here’s my door signage and my window signage up close. When the sun’s brighter, like in 9 months from now - next summer (seriously, it was out today), the sign will cast a shadow on that curtain and “Artist’s Studio will be more readable.


There it is on the left, that 3 inch lettering, is that...could it be? yup, yeah it is, Kate Vrijmoet Artist’s Studio. Whup, Dey it is.
    Additionally, just so I assuage some of my tension over not yet wetting a brush, I put together my press book for open studio which includes the rental information, bio, price sheets, artist statements and of course, press. AND I went to the realtor’s open house today where my artwork is hanging. Ribs of Disaster looks amazing. I took photos of the work that was up. Here are some that were not found on the website.


Here's how the pieces looked hanging in the house in Wallingford. I’ve seen the latex paintings up in other homes and really liked them. But, I get to see the residual portraits, some drawings, the yoga paintings and the Non-Ordinary Reality painting: Ribs up.


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Posted by Carlie on
Was tltoaly stuck until I read this, now back up and running.
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