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Mother May I...? in Brooklyn

May 17, 2012

Finally finally finally I'm posting some images from the March opening in Brooklyn NY of my interactive audio installation, Mother May I...? which you helped me take to Brooklyn....where it was awarded best installation by the inimitable Charlotta Kotik, Curator Emerita, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Contemporary Collections. Enjoy the video and photos.

Below a young boy explores the installation.


Ian wrote a two-part blog from a technicians POV that I found fascinating. You can start your reading and picture viewing at this link: v8media.com/mother-may-i-nyc-progress-1/


The winning certificate. http://www.bwac.org/featured_artist.html



Here is a screen shot of the motion sensor software and floor mask. The various color zones equal out to the same gray tone in every color in every zone. That was fun!


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