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Oy! The vacuum really IS swallowing its bag!

Feb 28, 2011


The painting is in Brooklyn and we all got to vacate the cloudy Seattle weather, buuuuuUUUUuuuut.... I just lost all  my data on my back up drive, having just recently migrated everything to it in preparation for getting rid of my 11 year old computer! I just shipped it off to driver savers. It could cost me $3000 to recover the information,  if it’s recoverable. I have deadlines, applications, all the stuff to manage. I want to keep moving forward, it makes me feel like I’m still breathing. Like I’m not yet drowning. This on the heels of the loss of all the financial data from Quicken...my head is spinning. And yesterday we all took the ferry to Bremerton to pick up Naked Snow Blower from CVG show, in the pouring rain. We had to tie it to the roof of the car. A gust of wind came and took it before we could get it tied down. Then the ferry broke down, but at least we were on land when it broke down! Today my sitter called and said she had to cancel for Thursday, that’s first Thursday.

I heard a radio interview once say that to get through trauma you need one of two things, a sense of humor or a sense of self.
And I thought I was going to paint today. hmm. Maybe it’s time for some sort of exorcism! LOL

I do think I’ll have my data and hard drive back in a couple of days, with the minimal costs and all my data just fine.

A friend of mine has been in the hospital for a month, in pain from surgery and has to go through another one in 4 weeks. That makes this seem pretty darn small by comparison.

In any case, maybe I’ll get to Brooklyn in 2 weeks for the opening of the BWAC show and get to see her and my brother Joe and his family.

Everything is shifting. Big and small. All around the world, in the lives of people I know, and in my life too. Except I can’t quite make it out. Its obscured, like I’m under water and all of the clarity is above, and the water is moving....like one of my paintings. All I can do is stay still, stay in the center, wait and watch.

When I lived in LA, my favorite drive was Malibu Canyon Rd. It was mystical. So when John came out to LA with me the first time, I wanted to share this experience with him. We got in the car and I grinned at him, full of anticipation and said, “are you ready for the ride of your life?” Then promptly backed into a pole!

I just need to keep my sense of humor. (Maybe I’ll have a sense of self sometime before I die, if I die of old age)

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