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If you came upon him in the woods, what would you do?

Aug 4, 2010


Every time I tried to paint, I just lost it laughing in loud guffaws. It was awful! But Thomas didn’t exactly help either, just look at him hamming it up!

I think I would stop, take out my camera, kneel down next to him, put my arm around him, and smile for the camera, which I would be holding with my other hand at arms length. I would take picture after picture until I got it right. At least that’s one of the scenarios Thomas and I imagined when we posed him.


What I’m digging about Naked Machete is that he’s about to take a drag of his cigarette, in spite of the fact that he’s holding his severed ear in his hand.

I met with a friend tonight to talk about imaging techniques. We talked about other local artists and what they’re doing and I think (the same as I’ve been thinking), how can I possibly paint fast enough? How can I produce enough work? I just have a drop in the bucket.

The catalog is almost ready. I’m looking forward to being able to offer it. Dan Kany and Elatia Harris both wrote tremendous articles about the work and they’re heartily worth the read. When I get the nod I’ll print a short excerpt and a link to where it can be purchased. How about that?

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Posted by Liza on
God help me, I put aside a whole aftrenoon to figure this out.
Posted by KVrijmoet on
Liza, you crack me up! Thanks for the extended laughs. xx
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