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I've been here my whole life still I'm somewhere else.

Jan 9, 2013

The start of a new aural painting: I've been here my whole life still I'm somewhere else. To watch the painting progression click here.

The title comes from a poem by one of my favorite poets, Dean Young. Thank you Copper Canyon Press.


Where I Left Off


I’ve been here my whole life still I’m somewhere else.

The whole plummeting through space thing.

The song that can’t be listened to without pathos become bathos.

The whole is it the other way around? thing.

Someone is claiming he’s invented a new fist.

The trampoline’s been around a long time

but we’re still held down, held back.

Can history be changed by blinking fast?

There are people who do absolutely nothing all day.

I’d hate to hamper their equipoise or depression, whatever.

Dominic, though, that little twit, I’m read to twist apart.

The believers in idiot babble of children talking to paper dolls.

But one of the golden moments was when I went to April’s studio

and she was welding copper star after star,

I pretended to descript for a magazine

when I just wanted to fuck her

right there among the fat dashed-down sparks holding onto their hot thoughts.

What did I care what do I care what will I care?

No one has to rehearse to be a child

but it takes practice to disintegrate.

Is my intention the abandonment of intention?

Is that how we get absolved and become pollen or talc

instead of gargoyles in a sea of dwarfs?

I hope they leave me I the road

to be run over another hundred times

so even my hips open like wings.


[above: painting in process]

Dean Young

Bender: New & Selected Poems


Copper Canyon Press


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