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Shotgun Accident

Nov 23, 2009

I struggled painting the face today, but I’m happy with the outcome. Thomas’ likeness is getting more like him anyway. So far we’ve painted Maul, Shotgun, Snow Blower, Miter Saw, and Chainsaw. We have yet to paint Handgun, Ax, and, Oh! I don’t know what to title the last one! Better call Mike. LOL Free at Last? Zen? Unencumbered?  Below is an enlarged version of the entire painting. I’m wondering if I need to go back and repaint any of them.

Shotgun Accident

I’m also wondering how to extend the series. I wish there were more than 8. Maybe he could lop off an ear with the scythe. Or lose both legs from the waist down from ...hmm. what? Any ideas? I’ll take any that you have. Just leave your comments below.


Here are the studio shots of Thomas in the two poses, we needed to get the leg in a position like it had been blown off.

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