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Snake Oil Salesmen and pay-to-show ...no go

Nov 29, 2011

I Was Much Further Out Than You Thought

I was much further out than you thought, oil on canvas. SOLD

I'm far out, but not this far out! I got an email today, a flattering email from a guest curator at a NY gallery telling me he liked my work and wants to put the above (SOLD, as clearly marked on my website) paiinting in a March show. I just have to pay $1950 to participate! That plus crating and shipping of course, a painting I don't own.

Last year I got a similar soliciation from the "9th Annual Woman Artists" publication. I think they were a little bit more and they played a shell game with the costs. When I told them I didn't want to get involved they sent me abusive emails.

The letter is reproduced in it's entirety for you below. But before I bore you with the detail, I just want this to be a warning to you, don't get sucked in! I emailed a friend. It seemed like a vanity publication and I wondered, in her vast experience, if she had come across them, she hadn't but sent me the following link she had googled. (thank you so much!!!) This page, itself, has some great links and resources. http://www.helenansell.com/_blog/Blog/post/World_Art_Media_and_NYArts_magazine_a_scam!!/

Don't take any wooden nickels.


Dear Kate,

My name is Peter Sullivan and I am a freelance curator working with Abraham Lubelski organizing a March group exhibition in New York. I am inviting you to participate and take advantage of a unique opportunity to not only exhibit but to also get a full years’ worth of publicity/exposure on the web and in print. This offer is the best publicity package available anywhere in today's contemporary art world. The fee for this complete one-year publicity package (and New York exhibition) is $1,950. I am particularly excited and interested in your work "I was much further out than you thought" and I believe it would be an important addition to our program. By paying close attention to the intuitive works of each artist, we are hoping to construct an exhibition of works that truly speaks to our viewers and subscribers.

Please look at the entire proposal below for the NY Arts Publicity Package and Broadway Gallery March Exhibition.  Feel free to contact Abraham Lubelski and me at any time to discuss this proposal further.

We look forward to a fruitful and constructive collaboration.


All the best,


Peter Sullivan

Associate Curator



Abraham Lubelski




NY Arts Magazine

473 Broadway, 7th floor, NY NY 10013 | 212-274-8993


Also visit our on line publications, projects and sites:


ABC Interview , NY Arts MagazineBroadway Gallery NYCArt Fairs InternationalBeijing Arts SpaceArt Fairs NewspaperVenice Biennial ProjectArtist CatalogsNY Arts Beijing Annual Artists’ Web DirectoryDaily Newsletters & Press ReleasesArtist ResidencyArtist Consultationphotos/video of exhibits http://twitter.com/   #!/bwaygallery


NY Arts Magazine Talks with ABC PART 1 




The fee for this program is $1,950 for 1 year publicity and subscription

Exhibition: The International Artists At Home & Abroad exhibition series

Dates: March 7 – March 28, 2012

Reception: Thursday, March 8, 2012 from 6-8pm

Sponsor: NY Arts Magazine & Art Fairs International




 • Advertisements printed in both NY Arts Magazine & Art Fairs Newspaper.

 • Postings on www.BroadwayGalleryNYC.com

 • An image of the artist’s works will be displayed on www.artfairsinternational.   com as a Flash Banner for the duration of March 2012.

 • Press Releases will be written and posted on a variety of websites including Broadway Gallery, NYC, NY Arts Magazine and Art Fairs International.

 • The Press releases will also be distributed via e-mail to the Broadway Gallery and NY Arts Magazine mailing lists (which include museums, galleries, curators, writers, art publications, artists, and art fairs).

 • Artists At Home & Abroad will be featured among the “Art Fairs of the Month”

 • Banner on the homepage at www.artfairsinternational.   com

 • Each artist participating in the project will be represented, with an image of his or her work (which may or may not be the work on view).

 • A special page will be created exclusively for Artists At Home & Abroad at NY Arts Magazine. This page will be online for a minimum of one year, with each participating artist’s url and image.






 • SIZE: 8.5” X 11”

 • 6,000 copies printed for sale & distribution

 • The catalog will be a special section as part of NY Arts Magazine, Summer edition (June, July, August, 2012).

 • This section will feature it’s own cover inside NY Arts magazine. As part of NY Arts Magazine, it will be distributed nationally and internationally (available at variety of locations including galleries, museums and popular bookstores such as Barnes and Nobles), as well as our subscribers.

 • Each artist will have one full page in the catalog. The page will include one image and a submitted statement on their work.




 • The artist will also be featured in the print edition, NY Arts Annual Top Websites Directory

 • This special section will include the artist in a 1/6 Page feature in print with:

 • Artist Name

 • Website address

 • One image of the artist’s work (hi res 300 dpi and 4 x 6 inches)

 • Up to 70 words of text that best describes the nature of the work and their website.

 • This feature will also be posted at the NY Arts Magazine’s Artist Directory online for One Year with a link to the artist’s website.




 • NY Arts Magazine has partnered with major international art fairs including Volta, Armory, Pool Art Fair and The Independent





 • Each artist will show 1 – 3 select works in the group exhibit Artists At Home & Abroad. Allotted wallspace will be approx 55” x 30” per artist.

 • Each participating artist is responsible for arranging the shipment of work to and from the gallery.

 • The size limit is 55” X 30” regardless of how many works the artist presents. All arrangements (including payments etc) must be made in advance.

 • At the back of each work there must be: Artist Name, Title of the Work, Medium, Price, and Artist’s website address.

 • Artists are responsible for the shipment and arrival of the works in NYC. Works are to arrive 3-4 days prior to first day of exhibition.

 • The artist will receive 70% from the sales of their own work and the gallery will receive 30%.

 • The artist must provide the price of the work (on the back of the work) submitted including the 30% of the gallery.




 Total cost for this program is $1,950 for 1 year publicity and subscription to NY Arts

 * Deadline for submitting data is one week after finalizing agreement


Peter Sullivan

Associate Curator



Abraham Lubelski




NY Arts Magazine

473 Broadway, 7th floor, NY NY 10013 | 212-274-8993

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