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Things that take us away and return us to our work

Jul 19, 2019

A year ago I moved to Chicago, precipitated by my husband's job change. We've moved a lot in our 21 years of marriage. Each one of them is difficult and abound with new learning opportunites, new growth, new observations, and the work one puts into creating community. This too is a big change. I haven't been able to paint for nearly 3 years. First my committment to leadership development through the outstanding Leadership Eastside program, then preparing to move, and moving. Now I'm in my new art space but still am unable to paint. That's a long break! 


The studio space as it looked when I bought it. Formerly the home of Cards Against Humanity. More pictures to come when cafe and studio work completed

But what I am doing is the thing my art has strived to do my entire career - build connections in my audience, both with each other and with themselves. In essence, to help people stay awake in this world. Isn't it apropo that I'm creating a grab n go take out window and specialty coffee shop in the front of my studio?!? 

Building is underway and we're slated to open mid-September. Who knows what I'll paint when I get back to my easel, but this cafe is my largest and most integrated art project to date. 

Really proud of the staff I've dreamt of hiring for a long time. And yesterday, a lovely article came out about our intended cafe in Block Club Chicago. "Artist Opening Tiny ‘Grab And Go’ Coffee Shop In Logan Square. The new 230-square-foot takeout window spot will serve coffee from Washington's Olympia Coffee, baked goods from The Spoke & Bird bakehouse and more."

"The shop is “really for the community to be able to connect,” she added.

“A secure neighborhood is a connected neighborhood. The more people can see and meet their neighbors, the more active the neighborhood is going to be and the more secure the neighborhood is going to be.”

Read the article here. 

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blog comments powered by Disqus