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Snow Blower Accident

Oct 30, 2009

Perfect timing for Halloween. Here’s Thomas posing in my studio. We used a chair and I used photo reference for the snow blower. Next to him is the rough. I was having trouble with his face. I think for a couple of reasons, one is that I’m not that familiar with his face as I am with my brother’s who posed for all the other ones, and two is that I’m just plain a little rusty.


We had a great time painting. The pose was really hard to hold. But we laughed so hard speculating about the spray and the back spray and if the fingers would come out whole or not. We decided they would come out in large chunks and Thomas wanted to keep his pinky, LOL so I let him. You’ll see one thumb and three fingers flying through the air.


I had to go back into the face after I picked up the kids from their half-day at school. I’m happy with how it turned out. I really enjoyed Thomas’ company this morning too. He told me a great story from NPR about a 3 yr. old who loves bloody horror films. It so reminded me of Mike and how he might be with his kids when they were little. He also filled me in a little about Seattlites and told me about a good column in the Seattle Weekly I’m looking forward to following. I like how the blood spatters ended up on the cigarette! LOL You just have to say, what the fuck is this guy doing? Did he deliberately jam his arm into a running snow blower? Why is he just sitting there? This cracks me up.

I’ve been applying for grants and shows lately. I didn’t get the Conductive Garboil Grant, an unrestricted 3,000 grant. But the artist who did get it is pretty amazing and you can’t feel bad about that. Only 28 people applied so my chances were good. Today, just now, I found out that I didn’t get the NFAA alumni grant for a similar amount to fund the painting of the Non-Ordinary Reality Series. They sent me an advanced email alert notification of the letter I would be receiving on Monday, and I got my hopes up, until I downloaded it and it was a very nicely worded rejection letter. Monday I find out about my Punch Gallery submission. I’ve heard its a numbers game so I’ll keep at it.

Maybe next week I’ll paint Miter Saw Accident. :o) In that one his chopped off hand is just sitting on his lap while he looks up and smokes.

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