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Second First-Come Again.

Sep 7, 2009

I had my second First Thursday. It was a fantastic night, quite different than the first month in the quality of the conversations I had with people. I loved that people got that I was having a really great time with my paintings. I thought it was interesting that a handful of people refused to come in because of the accident series. And one guy really nailed it when he said, “I heard someone once say that if others spoke to us the way we spoke to ourselves we would have to kill them.” Several people inquired about the price of David Frost, the pensive farmer painting, seen in the corner adjacent to the pink painting of Chloe.



Some people take pictures. I don’t know if I should be letting them do this or not. I feel a little uncomfortable with it. Perhaps if it makes me uncomfortable, I shouldn’t do it. I’ll have to ask the other artists and gallerists what their policy is.
    I got the question again about what kind of art this is. I couldn’t answer and they let me off the hook. I talked about post-modernism and letting the process show. I wish, however, I had talked about the incredible way the brain works to make up information. And that I love to play with the space between what’s there and what is not there, leaving out vital information for the brain to make up. If you get close to these paintings, you’ll see, there’s really no information there at all, just runny paint and blocks of color and marbling. And, you stand back and there’s a figure, and information, but with many holes, and the brain simply fills in the holes.
    I need to find my local blue collar guy so that I can repaint and complete the accident series. I really love it and it just makes me howl! It’s so funny.
Here are the rest of the paintings that are up. I’ll show you my work space in another blog.


I’d also like to paint more couples. I like how Geoffery and Tracy turned out. I like the concept.
    I got about 4 Fargo comments at this opening in reference to the accident series and I got a Hockney reference to the colors.

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